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Case Studies

Case Studies

Kids Club Applications

A name brand, national chain was drowning in applications for their Kids Club. data capture services They needed a data entry service that also offered value-added services.  DataPlus promptly took charge of the account, relieving the post office of giant trash bags full of mail on a daily basis.  We set processes in place to open, extract, sort and batch the mail prior to data entry.  The volume of applications leveled off at approximately 40,000 weekly. DataPlus also added mail pick-up, written response to categories of white mail, document scanning and data entry of email addresses for legal verification, and a Kids Club customer hotline to the standard services for this account. We are proud to say that this account was handled with kid gloves for over twelve years.

Background Data

This well-known company, a provider of financial information possesses a trustworthy reputation in the United States. When they found it necessary to change their data entry company they considered the importance of accuracy and security. Without it, the company was open to possible lawsuits for publishing false financial information about the public.  DataPlus was chosen to provide this critical accuracy. We quickly placed properly tested and trained personnel in place. We set up screens for data entry and double key verification of appropriate aspects of the data being reported. Results are matched against tables of standards and check digits are run to further assure accuracy. Our data entry services personnel routinely call the appropriate supervisors when questions arise about the veracity or clarity of the original document. Attention to detail and a close working relationship continues to bring projects from this client.

Police Accident Reports

We were awarded a new project to key data from 500,000+- police accident reports from all states.  We went to work designing processes to validate vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and accurately collect crash report details, ever mindful of the critical nature of the data.  Programs were developed, screens were designed with included VIN validation routines, personnel were hired and trained, and processes for accuracy checks and upload conversions were set in place.  DataPlus successfully performed this project, exceeding accuracy rates and was awarded additional police crash reports for data entry  - to date in excess of 2,000,000 accident reports.

Franchise Mailing List

Our client sought to generate a company list for 8,000+ franchise furniture stores from a variety of sources.  DataPlus compiled an initial list through data entry and other value-added services, solicited and received feedback from each franchisee, removed all duplications, corrected and standardized addresses, and key coded the list for every single franchise store based upon location. A final list was sent to the printer in order to produce custom sales catalogs based on the key code.