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Access Consulting Services

We offer MS Access consulting services, including Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), custom reports, queries, forms, data management and compilation, financial modeling, data analysis, and custom visualizations.  We have experience working with a wide variety of industries so we can quickly integrate our skills with your needs.  Listening carefully to your needs is the first step in any process so we get it right the first time. We are experts at knowing what will best fit your needs and we finish our projects to the last detail.

Access Database Development
Formulas, Formatting

We can design and build database solutions and tools to fit your needs.  Our goal is to provide you with a reusable tool that will makes your life easier.

VBA Development
Automation, VBA Modeling

Automation:  Take manual tasks and make them automated at the push of a button or on a scheduled basis.

VBA Modeling:  We can build custom logic that goes one step beyond formulas to take your raw data and produce meaningful output that you can use for decision making.

Data Management/Conversion
Data Merge, Data Relation

We can take large amounts of data from multiple sources and consolidate, relate, or simplify to provide a better data set for analysis.

Data Analysis/Report Development
Charts, Graphs, Pivot Tables

We can create custom reports that allow you to make better decisions and manage your work more effectively.  We are experts with charts, graphs, and pivot tables.  Providing visualizations that can be used for presentations or reports is our specialty.


Form Development
Access Integration, HTML Forms

We can develop visually pleasing data capture for all of your needs.  We can deploy forms in Access, Excel, or over the web.

Financial Modeling
IRR, NPV, CashFlow Projections and Analysis

We can build custom financial models based on your finance/accounting data or provide you with a model that allows direct inputs to drive the calculations.

Application Development
Develop New or Modify Existing

We can develop custom applications to suit your needs or modify your existing applications.

Data Connections
SQL, MS Excel

We can create direct connections from SQL, Sharepoint, Excel, etc.,  to Access.

Fixing/Modifying Existing Solutions

If you already have a solution we can modify, fix, or improve its functionality and effectiveness.

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

We offer training options to suit your organizationís needs.

(678) 773-6504

Our services are offered nationally including Atlanta, New York, Tampa and Chicago.  Please contact us for additional references and to discuss how we can help with your project:

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