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When & Why to Choose MS Access?

Is MS Access the right database system for your needs?  Consider the following:

Microsoft Access is included in Microsoft Office Professional at an approximate cost of $499.00 and is one of the best-selling databases of all time.   Microsoft has made continuous improvements and given excellent support to Access.   MS SQL Server costs many thousands of dollars per server plus user licenses.  MS Access is significantly more cost-effective to implement and support.  If your needs exceed MS Access limitations, SQL Server is an excellent solution.  However, many companies find that MS Access offers a reliable, user-friendly solution.

Microsoft Access integrates well with other MS Office applications.

MS Access databases can be shared by up to 255 concurrent users (for optimal results, we recommend small group/team usage).

MS Access is the most popular desktop database application system in the world and thus well tested and extensively supported. 

MS Access databases can be integrated with web applications - thus making your data accessible from the web (within concurrent user limits).

If your needs change or exceed MS Access specifications, (>2 GB), an MS Access database can be upsized to SQL Server.

MS Access is an excellent front-end development tool for back-end database servers such as SQL Server, Oracle, Sharepoint, or any back-end database with ODBC driver.  Thus your forms, reports, queries and processes can be developed in MS Access linking to almost any back-end data source.

Good design, proper table normalization and user-friendly forms result in efficient, useful applications and readily accessible company data to support your bottom line.  On the other hand, poorly designed applications will be cumbersome and inefficient.  Allow us to help with your design.


Microsoft Access

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